Monday, June 27, 2011

What Video Chat Software Should I Use That Records Both Parties?

I don't have a clue what to use but I need to be able to have a split screen showing both parties to do interviews with you all for TweetView

The story behind those that #RockTheReTweet

What Twitter Chat Client Do You Like?

Let me know

trying to a better job with TweetView

The interviews with you, the people behind the tweets!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FixedOpsGenius: Plus K – You’ve So Made My Day

FixedOpsGenius: Plus K – You’ve So Made My Day: "Plus K – You’ve So Made My Day June 20, 2011 by brainseason"

Monday, June 20, 2011

RockTheRetweet TV for Kids

Maddie is working on a new feature for Kids teaching them sharing in Social Media

Friday, June 17, 2011

#RockTheReTweet Who sees the tweets! Report
578 tweets generated 16,491,860 impressions, reaching an audience of 1,568,748 followers within the past 24 hours

Thursday, June 16, 2011

#RockTheReTweet TweetView

Join the fun and meet the people who #RockTheReTweet

#RockTheReTweet "TweetView"

A new series of short interviews on the people that #RockTheReTweet

hosted by Maddie from #RockTheReTweet TV

Leave your twitter name and why you would like to be "TweetViewed"

Lili Tufel: Increasing Your Klout Score

Lili Tufel: Increasing Your Klout Score

The Circle of Social Media 2

Watching leader boards

email leader

writes back

buys shares

exchange shout-outs

next day

see new upload on YouTube that i had subscribed to

visit his blog

watch live feed see him on #EAv

send shout-out

replies to shout-out

go to twitter rt him from 2 different accounts

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Circle of Social Media 1

On FB see a twitter friend joined #EAv

Buy shares post shoutout

receive a twitter thank you

next day

back and forth likes comments on FB

send Klout +5

thank you tweet

receive dm

spend 2 hours chatting on phone

like you tube

add contact in flickr

receive blog endorsements

tweet a thanks

send blog endorsement


Help me #RockTheReTweet

Maddie says "I need a Twitter name"

RockTheReTweet TV for Kids

Maddie wants to share the message of #RockTheReTweet

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's Your Excuse?

What's Your Excuse a video by @MySoDotCom on Flickr.

My Daughter asked me to #RockTheReTweet her first demo ad lol

RockTheReTweet Love | Social Media Design

RockTheReTweet Love | Social Media Design

from Social Media Design you have to read this amazing post by Lori Randal Stradtman

#TweetTalkTuesday with @WayneKelly

#TweetTalkTuesday with @WayneKelly interviews @MySOdotCom about the #RockTheReTweet movement

#RockTheReTweet for Charity

Today is #CharityTuesday on Twitter so be sure to send them a shout on #RockTheReTweet hash and/or give them a shout here or on Facebook.

If you link their page on Facebook we'll all go like it for them.

Empire Avenue for Twitter

Empire Avenue for Twitter

This is crazy #RockTheReTweet is trading at #3 on #EAv Weekly Top Twitter Buys just behind HP and Google but ahead of FB and Foursquare

Monday, June 13, 2011

Radio Show

I was interviewed for a Radio show out of Canada today on Twitter. It was just a 10 minute segment but I did get to mention #RockTheReTweet. It will be available via a podcast on June 14th, will tweet it out then.

Weird Things

Earlier I tweeted something like

"Sitting on the dock of the bay" why? oh yeah wasting time ... I'd be on a boat

12 hours later Biddanda Thimmaiah uploads to #RockTheReTweet for Facebook this amazing video

now the feature at #RockTheReTweet for YouTube today

I asked and he didn't see the tweet, magical is what I'm calling it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hope you all like it, again #RockTheReTweet on Twitpic

Hope you all like it, again #RockTheReTweet on Twitpic

#EAv Tips

The #EAv Tip Hotline is here

we need a few more likes, but it is going to be about my journey and what I have learned the hard way and some of the exciting things I found about networking at #EAv

Many thanks to members of [X]Bar and #Social Empire without you I would be lost by now

#RockTheReTweet on #EAv

We are there as a community right now but you might want to check out the Twitter IPO of @RockTheReTweet a few seats left for the ride

You can also find me at (e)MYSODOTCOM or (e)KEVINGREEN and Mark Brandon CEO of @DealerLOGIX shhh another IPO at (e)LIVEFIREGUY

#RockTheReTweet for Foursquare

Follow us we'll follow you back, we will be able to share your fav places and tips soon.

Hear about RockTheTweetup events

#RockTheReTweet for Flickr

We are at

Add us to your connections we'll do the same, add the #RockTheReTweet hash as a tag on pictures you want everyone to find!

#RockTheReTweet for YouTube

It's at http://www.YouTube/RockTheReTweet

Subscribe and friend us and we'll hit you right back.  If you have a video to share post it in the comments, we'll promote it. The #RockTheReTweet members will also Subscribe to's a new level of sharings

#RockTheReTweet for Facebook

It's at

An amazing 15k views the first 3 days and 700+ interactions.

So stop by and say hi.

If you have a FB Page introduce it and we'll like it along with many others

I want to follow you on Blogger

Still trying to figure this out but can someone give me a quick way to add something so we can follow each others blogs

Thanks Kevin


It's amazing how fast #RockTheReTweet is growing, it's everywhere...first RockTheTweetUp tomorrow, last minute so small

Thursday, June 9, 2011

#RockTheReTweet on FB

Just a quick update the #RockTheReTweet for FB had 4173 views and 177 quality posts opening day! You all ...#RockTheReTweet

#RockTheReTweet Birthday Bash

Well the #RockTheReTweet Birthday Bash was amazing... what started as an accident became a global trend today spiking twitter

Wednesday, June 8, 2011